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SportBike Freestyle Riding


“India is changing” this is the simplest statement that can be used to explain that this country is emerging to be new hub for people to showcase their riding talents. We are no longer bound to one day or test crickets IPL & 20-20 has emerged to be a new source of entertainment for India now and adding to the list there is one more sport that is coming out big loud in India & infact it is not referred as a sport as it is listed in Extreme sport. Yes, we are talking about Sportbike Freestyle Riding here.

Sportbike Freestyle Riding Is no doubt an extreme sport which is quickly gaining momentum in India and becoming very popular especially among youths. Sportbike Freestyle Riding involves riders to perform different kind of acrobatics rather than taking part in any race. Sportbike Freestyle Riding is rather a beautiful amalgamation of Science and Art both at extreme level. The kind of difficult tricks that a professional Freestyle Sportbike Rider does requires lot of engineering and modification in the sportbikes and is performed only after complete safety check. The kind of patience and practice that is required to master an art also holds true in case of Sportbike Freestyle Riding.


Sportbike Freestyle Riding entered India in the year 2002 , made its presence felt in South Indian and soon became popular among youths there. In few years, Sportbike Freestyle Riding is all set to take off as a competitive sport in India. Incidentally, Freestyle Riding is like any other sport in the European countries where they have regular championships. Things are different in India. “Everything has its positive and negative sides. For instance, Cricket is the game that whole world is following. What happens when people start playing it on the road? Nobody will appreciate it.

India is one of the fastest growing markets for Sportbike freestyle riding. Right now all of Asia is seeing a huge increase in Sportbike freestyle participants. We expect to see this continue over the next couple of years as teams continue doing shows and more events take place. There are people out there who are very passionate about their bikes and about the stunts or freestyle riding. It is actually a sport and there are quite a few competitions for that too.

The XDL Championship SERIES India is the premier freestyle riding championship in India. This championship is came into India in 2014. There are many more various Sportbike freestyle riding competitions in India like Freestyle Battle-X Stunt Brawl (Shillong), Outlaws Stunt Wars (Kerala), IBW (Goa).Randy Grube the founder of XDL sports believes that India has a huge potential for Sportbike Freestyle Riding as a competitive sports in India.

Watch out this space for more updates on such events.



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