A hatchback is a car body configuration with a rear door that swings upward . It may be a two or three box design. The second row may have foldable seats. The Hatchbacks are very popular in India. The legendary Maruti 800 car belonged to this class. Examples- Maruti 800, Alto, Nano, Renault Kwid etc




Maruti-Suzuki Ciaz

A Sedan car typically has four doors and one Boot/Trunk. It generally has three box design for Engine, Passenger, Cargo. Examples- Maruti Ciaz etc


 Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or Multi-utility vehicle(MUV)

Kia Carens

A Multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) or Multi-utility vehicle(MUV) is generally designed for passengers comfort. They have large doors and enhanced for providing more space.


Sports utility vehicle (SUV)

Ford Explorer

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) are generally higher capacity cars. They have a high ground clearance and are suitable for off roading rides. Examples- , Mahindra Scorpio, Land Rover Discovery Sport, etc.



Volvo XC90

A Crossover is a car with the features of Sedan and Hatchback. They are suitable for soft off road rides. They generally have a Unibody structure. They have lesser Ground clearance than the SUVs. Examples – Volvo S60 Cross Country, Hyundai i20 Active, etc.




A Coupe generally has two doors with a fixed roof.It typically has two seats, over the time designs have evolved to accommodate more seats. These cars are know for their sporty design. Examples – Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, etc





The Convertible has a flexible operating roof. It is also called as cabriolet or roadster (if a 2-seater). Examples – Honda S2000, Volvo C70 Off roaders These cars are generally referred as four wheel drive cars though there are certain exceptions.

Off roaders

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6

These cars are generally referred as four wheel drive or six wheel drive cars though there are certain exceptions.

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