Team DJ customs – A make up artist for your Royal Enfield

Team Dj was just a name before, Dushyant Jadhav a small town boy from Kolhapur made it a brand with his passion for custom motorcycles and superb engineering skills. Team DJ is a family of enthusiasts, maniacs, and riders with dreams and ideas in their mind to make their ride stand out when parked in the crowd. Motorcycles are more than mere transporting machines and Team DJ knows exactly what to do with them to make them unique. Founded in 2013 by Dushyant Jadhav an automobile and motorsport or we can call him a Royal Enfield enthusiast it was his passion, affection, and sentiment towards this machines which got him into customization. The goal is clear just do what you love and love you do.

From the beginning Team, DJ has been taking part in various competitions and has been winning a lot of prices which indirectly acts as a motivation for the team. In 2013 Team DJ entered rider mania’s cleanest bike competition and was named the winner of the competition. Here on Team DJ started winning various honors in different categories. In 2015 Team DJ entered rider mania with their very first player which was a customized Royal Enfiled Electra 350 named as orange fury, which was then elected to be the one from top 15 other customized bikes. In 2016 Mad Max Fury was the one selected in rider mania. In 2017 a bike named Tadaakha was entered in the competition and it won too. Tadaakha is a special bike to Team DJ, a Royal Enfiled based Himalayan Tadaakha just looks like one promising adventure touring motorcycle. Dushyant had a long time dream of getting this job done and when he did he got it just right.

Dushyant starts every build with conceptual sketches which carry his personal touch and they are brought into the metal. Dushyant’s program and the idea of not touching the stock chassis of any motorcycle make him so unique and good at what he does the best. Alongside this Team, DJ was now also getting their hands dirty in dirt racing events and organizing races for the youth and giving motorsport a new life. Team DJ has built 11 custom motorcycles so far for various clients according to their needs and likes, and the team focuses to build one bike at a time so as to dedicate all their skills and interest in one build at a time which automatically brings out the quality we see. We fro our side as motoring enthusiasts and piston junkies wish Team DJ to continue this great ability to keep on doing what they do the best with our beloved two-wheeled machines so that we can brag about it and show off them while others are on their daily commuters.