TATA Motors sales increased by whopping 35% in FY18

March proved to be a blessing month for Tata Motors as it registered sales growth of 35% at 69440 units from 51309 units compared to last year.

Sales of commercial and passenger vehicle played a significant role in such a tremendous growth. The sales of commercial and passenger vehicle separately made a 23% growth over last year. Last year only 478,362 units were sold which has increased to 586,639 units in FY18.

Domestic- commercial vehicle

Due to increase in demand from e-commerce and FMCG application along with government’s efforts towards infrastructure development, road construction, mining activities and restrictions on overloading facilitated the increase in Tata Motors commercial vehicles. In March 2017, 35,876 units were sold which has increased to 49,174 units making a growth of 37%.

The I&LCV truck segment of Tata Motors has recorded a spectacular 97 % growth by selling 5,737 units. By launching new products and coping up with the increasing demand for container and refrigerator trucks such numbers are seen on Tata Motors sales report

The M&HCV truck segment also gave a steady growth performance with 16,886 units sold at the increasing rate of 21% in FY18. The success of BS4 products integrated with SCR technology and new product launches helped increase the sales of FY18.

The SCV cargo segment has also reported a growth of 52% over last year by selling 19,464 units. The significant reason for this increase in sales was due to Government application, high private consumption and a general uptick in buying sentiments.

The commercial passenger segment reported the highest sales 7,087 units sold which is up by 13% compared to last year’s sale. This was due to the implementation of the new AIS 140 passenger vehicle norms and AIS 125 ambulance body code from 1st April. Also, the reopening of schools has led to increasing demand for school buses. Tata winger has the highest sale of this segment with 986 units sold.

Domestic- passenger vehicle

20,266 passenger vehicles were sold this year by Tata Motors against 15,433 units. This increase is seen due to a good on-road performance of Tiago and Tigor while Tata Nexon and Hexa has also made an impact on the UV segment of the market. Thanks to the UV segment as it grew up by 223% which has increased the overall passenger vehicle sales by 31 % while the passenger car segment is declined by 4%.