The Scooter Ride – Prelude


My father bought a scooter then in iconic grey which represented  the Bajaj Chetak in 1992. Coming from a humble background it was a dream for him also considering the waiting period which sometimes ran into years too as the legend says. My father and mother in their young days traveled a lot on the scooter, it reached many parts of Maharashtra. My aim was to get it out of our state. With the start of biking my romance with engines started, soon I started concentrating my scooter restoration.

This scooter ride was at the back of my mind for many years, but time and financial constrains never let me take a step towards it. It was my father who encouraged me to take up the ride .’ Life will never give you a free time or vacuum where you can do such a ride. And all these constrains will make this ride memorable and worth it. There are so many people who have plenty of money but no one thinks of such a ride, so don’t let the financial constrains stop you. Take a step forward and things will start falling in its places” he said.  So began the first step,the final engine overhaul and replacing the worn out parts with authentic and original parts only.


The Cause

Though this is nothing new, the news reported a lot of cases in 2017 where on a accident site, onlookers shoot videos of victims rather than helping them. There are so many forwards enlightening us that providing the first aid is a fundamental duty of a doctor legally, but what about the fundamental duty of a human being. You need to help a fellow human being in distress. With the mobile photography era we have stepped into a dark phase of humanity where people have become not only mute spectators(in the final moments of the victims life) but video graph the entire ordinal of shamelessness and heartlessness of the on lookers and the person shooting the accident themselves.

So I decided to dedicate my ride to create a awareness about our basic responsibility to help accident victims.


The Route Plan-

I have never transported the bike except once when there was a major engine issue. (It was a horrible experience will write a article soon on it too). So my ride will start from Pune to Delhi via Udaipur and Jaipur. Delhi to Leh then the Leh circuit. From Srinagar I will ride to Kanyakumari. I plan to complete Golden Quadrilateral if possible.


Watch out for this space to get updates of my ride.


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A petrohead eager to explore the world outside and the universe within. His love for engines started with his riding. His engines grew diverse so did his knowledge about them. Soon the passion for riding and understanding engines took over him and he started moving to places to learn more. Soon the love for two strokes was revived while restoring his fathers scooters and started long rides on his twenty five year old scooter. He went further and started add few of them to his collection. He writes travelogues and tries to find the utility of numbers to enrich the riding pattern and beautify the experience.