TVS Tyres launches two new tyre patterns for scooters

TVS Tyres

TVS Tyre’s new tires, the ‘Jumbo-XT’ and ‘Pancer-II’ are aimed to provide good wet grip 

TVS Tyres has launched two new scooter tire patterns in India. Named as ‘Jumbo-XT’ and ‘Pancer-II’, these are block type patterns.

Block type patterns work well for our tricky Indian roads as well as serve well in terms of tire mileage. There is no official claim made on the life of the new tires though.

The Jumbo-XT gets parallel groove design that channels water effectively while providing efficient wet grip. The tire also gets rounded shoulders to provide greater cornering stability. This tire will suit well for powerful scooters like the TVS Jupiter, TVS NTorq and Aprilia SR125.

The Pancer-II is aligned block pattern that works well on bad roads and provides good grip in bad road conditions. This pattern has also been designed for good water channeling.

With the scooter market growing very rapidly, there are a lot of scooters with targeted utility. For example, the Hero Destini and Activa 5G are targeted at the daily commuting, for the older customers. Whereas, scooters like the Suzuki Brugman, Aprilia SR 150 and 125, TVS NTorq are made for the younger generation, preferring fast commuting. With such developments, customers like to personalize scooters in terms of performance as well.

The launch of these new tires will help TVS to expand their presence in the growing aftermarket for scooters. TVS rivals brands like MRF and CEAT in the tire market.



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