Types of motorcycle brakes

Safety is the most important concern while riding a motorcycle and braking is the important aspect of this safety. There are different types of brakes for motorcycles that we must know about. 

Simple Drum brake 

It is the most traditional braking concept and also most commonly used. It is used in commuter motorcycles and scooters. there are two circular brake shoe which is encased in a drum-like circular casing. To this brake shoe, there is a piston attached which is operated by an actuating lever. On applying pressure to actuating lever by a foot, the piston pushes the brake shoe towards the drum and resist its motion which ultimately stops the wheel. It is limited to stop the vehicle having a speed of 50-55 kmph.

Simple Disc brakes 

These brakes are used for high-speed braking in sports motorcycles. Disc brakes are in great demand these days as it provides more braking power than drum or combined braking system. The key components for disc brakes are the rotor, piston, caliper, and brake pads.  When brakes are applied by the rider, the piston moves which pushes the brake pads towards the rotor. The rotor is connected to the wheel and resistance of motion of rotor results into stopping of the wheel.

Anti-lock braking system 

It is more advanced braking system adopted by high-end bikes and is also commonly used in cars. This technology helps the tire to slip on wet or slippery surfaces while braking. It is equipped with sensors on both the tires to sense whether the wheel is getting locked or not. If the wheel gets locked, the system releases some hydraulic fluids and reduce the braking to prevent from skidding.

Combined braking system 

This system is not much seen on motorcycles but is rather used in scooters. The name itself gives the idea about this system. CBS has a pressure control valve at rear hydraulic brakes while and has a delay valve at front brake caliper. When rear brakes are applied by a driver, hydraulic pressure is applied to PCV and delay valve. This pressure makes delay valve open which ultimately results in an application of the front brake.