Looking to buy the 2018 Wagon R? Here is everything you need to know

The all-new Wagon R is back again with a number of modifications from its predecessor.

Wagon R which was one of the most popular cars until 2014 is launching again in India by this year. Suzuki launched the new generation of Wagon R in Feb 2017 in Japan with the heartect platform as seen in Swift, Dzire, and Baleno. So, one might expect a heartect platform for an Indian version. Maruti-Suzuki website


tail light of Wagon R

With changed looks, the new model of Wagon R quite fits the trending designs of 2018. The headlights are revamped with edgy design and it is stretched up to the sides. The doors are quite the same compared to the 2010 model of it. The tail light also looks quite similar but with a bit enlargement in size. ‘Tall Boy’ this is what Suzuki tells about the new design of Wagon R 2018.
Interior of the 2018 Wagon R will be similar to the 2010 model with more aesthetic colour accents and bright displays.

Wagon R 2018

Specifications and features

interior of Wagon R 2018

Variants of Wagon R will be of total 12 different times for petrol and diesel engines

Dimensions of Wagon R will be 3599*1495*1700mm, 2400mm of wheelbase, 1295mm of front tread, 1290mm rear tread with minimum ground clearance and turning radius of 165 mm and 4.6 m respectively

Engine: The engine of Wagon R will be of two variants: petrol and CNG, both the engines will be BS-4 and OBD-II compliant. Power produced by petrol engine would be 50kW@6200 rpm and will have a max torque of 90Nm@3500 rpm. While the CNG variant produces 77Nm@3500rpm and 43.5 kW@6200 rpm.

Transmission: Both engine variants will get a choice of 5-speed automatic and manual transmission.

Features(considering the top models): Following are the most feature 2018 Wagon R will receive:-
• Adjustable tilt steering
• Rear power windows
• Gear position indicator
• Foldable grip assist
• Remote fuel lid and tailgate open
• Electrically adjustable OVRMs
• Urethane 3 spoke steering
• Eagle-shaped audio system with digital clock and USB
• Accentuated instrument panel
• Contemporary AC vents
• Tachometer
• Anti-theft system
• Collapsible steering column.

Mileage of Petrol variants will be 20.51 km/l and that of CNG will be 26.6 km/kg

Safety: as the safety of the car is the most important factor to choose one, Wagon R 2018 will be having dual airbags, seat belt indicator, energy absorbing body structure, anti-lock braking system(ABS).

airbags of Wagon R 2018