What is Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Pollution Under Control or PUC. It is a certificate that is given to the vehicle after having passed with a PUC test. The certificate vets that the emissions passed from the vehicles meet the pollution control standards. Under the Central Motor vehicle Rule, 1989, a PUC certificate is the requirements of a mandatory document for a vehicle. The validity of a PUC for a new car is around one year from the date of registration.

Why is a PUC Certificate Required?

The emission from the vehicles emits the smoke and dust which pollute the environment if left unchecked. As such, there must be a norm to check the vehicle emission levels to determine how safe they are and whether they contribute to air pollution. As such, the rule for the undergoing a specified PUC test and obtaining a PUC certificate was mandated by the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989.

What is the Cost of the PUC Test?

PUC tests are not expensive in the pockets. The cost of the test varied between INR 60 and INR 100 depending on the vehicle to be tested and the fuel type of the vehicle.

What Information Does the Certificate Contain?

The basic information mentioned on the PUC certificate would be the:

  • The date of the test
  • The Test readings
  • The serial number of the certificate
  • The license plate number of the vehicle tested