Car Indicators: Use them Wisely to Communicate on the Road

Indicators are the universal language for all the drivers to notify others of what their intentions are and where they wish to go. Road safety states that indicators should always be used as a means of non-verbal communications so that it is clear for others who are also sharing the road to understand what the intent of the driver is.

Indicators are not just only restricted to the indicators of the right and left. Indicators can most of the time also be in the form of really easy hand gestures that everyone can understand and follow. All the indicators are established to make driving safer.

What’s the Right Time to Use Car Indicators?

  • Indicators have to be used by all the drivers under a series of occasions to make others who are driving on the same road and aware of where they intend to go or what they intend to do. Some of the times when the indicators need to be used by the drivers includes:
  • At the time of turning towards the left or right on any road, the indicators must point to the direction of the turn to let other cars known their intentions beforehand. If the indicators system did not exist, then, the accident would occur on a frequent basis due to others not knowing where cars intend to go.
  • Roundabouts require the drivers to indicate the side that they are getting on and to indicate what they are about to exit.
  • At the time before drivers take a U-turn with their car, they must indicate that they are turning beforehand so that other drivers may pass by.
  • Drivers who even wish to change the lanes or make a turn indicate before they want to do so. Through indicating the change of lanes, other drivers slow down their pace or even make room for the vehicles to pass.