Wuling Air EV is the official car partner at the ongoing Indonesian G20 Summit

Wuling Air G20

The compact EV, which will be showcased in India on 5th January, makes a statement with it’s partnership with the G20 Summit to global leaders, emphasizing the need for cleaner mobility solutions world over

The Wuling Air EV, set to debut in India in January 2023 as the MG Air EV, has been named the official car partner at the ongoing G20 Summit in Indonesia. The G20 is an annual summit where Global Leaders discuss world issues like trade, conflicts, peace solutions and now most importantly, environmental goals. As a part of the partnership, Wuling has delivered a fleet of 300 Air EVs with special liveries for the summit. The 2 liveries signify various cultural aspects of the Indonesian culture, as well as carry the official theme of the 2022 G20 Summit, namely Recover Together Recover Stronger. That, because the world is battling various issues like the Russia-Ukraine war. 

The Liveries


The first design for the sticker attached as the identity of the G20 Summit Official Car Partner on Air EV was taken from the Megamendung batik style. This batik pattern from Cirebon is matched with a touch of the red and orange spectrum on the body of the car and some cloud patterns on the front. One of the philosophies behind this cloud motif is freedom, friendship, and serenity. This is in line with the meaning of the name Air ev which is taken from English which means air that moves freely.

n addition to the Megamendung motif, Wuling Air ev, the official car partner of the G20, also gets a glimpse of touch that symbolizes diversity in Indonesia. It can be seen from the silhouettes of several iconic buildings in the country such as the National Monument (Monas), the Prambanan temple complex, to the Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple. This symbolizes the unity in diversity. In addition, there is also the inscription ‘Shaping Clean Tomorrow’ as a spirit towards a cleaner future.

On the back, the two designs have different patterns and colors but with a similar touch of writing. First, there is the phrase ‘Together for the Sustainable Future’ which means that Wuling through Air ev provides environmentally friendly mobility solutions for a more sustainable future. On the roof and hood of 300 Air EV units that support mobility at the upcoming G20 Indonesia Summit, there is a sticker of the main G20 Indonesia 2022 logo. Both are the identities of the Official Car Partners at this summit conference. On the windshield, there is an inscription on the theme of the G20 Summit, namely Recover Together Recover Stronger.
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