2024 Maruti Swift: New Z Series 3-cyl vs Old K Series 4-cyl engine

For the 2024 Swift, Maruti Suzuki has introduced a new engine developed by Suzuki specifically for this model. This engine is also available in Japan and select European markets. It is a naturally aspirated engine set to power other Maruti hatchbacks like the Baleno and the Fronx in the future. The new engine delivers a maximum power output of approximately 82bhp and a torque of 112Nm at 4,500rpm. According to Suzuki, the acceleration from 0-100kmph is improved by 5 percent, taking 12.5 seconds for the manual version and 11.9 seconds for the CVT option.

In India, the Swift is not offered with a CVT gearbox to keep costs down. Instead, it comes with a 5-speed AMT gearbox, which performs adequately. We recently tested the new Swift equipped with this three-cylinder engine. While it might seem less impressive on paper, it performs better in real-world conditions. But how does it compare to the previous generation’s K Series, four-cylinder engine?

The new engine produces about eight bhp less than its predecessor. However, it has a broader torque range at lower and mid-range revs. Unlike the K-Series engine, which generated most of its power at the top end (around 5,000rpm and above), this new three-cylinder unit is tuned to feel more powerful below 4,000rpm, despite the lower bhp. The optimal performance range for the new Z Series engine is between 2,000 and 4,000rpm, making it ideal for everyday driving conditions.

The 1.2 K Series engine was known for its refinement, and this new engine maintains a similar level of smoothness. For a three-cylinder engine, it is surprisingly smooth, with minimal vibrations felt through the pedals and gear lever. It doesn’t exhibit the typical three-cylinder thrum unless revved beyond 4,000rpm. In terms of overall performance, the new Swift is slightly less powerful, making it a bit slower than the old model.