A Recall Demystified

When an automobile company announces a ‘Recall’ , the customers have a number of questions . We will try to answer a few basic of them.


What exactly is a Recall?

A variety of engineering errors can cause a defect in an automobile. Generally the error is limited to some units only. When a automobile has a technical problem , the customer  reports it to the company during his servicing or repair. When the company notices that the problem is reported by many customers , the company initiates an investigation. When the root problem is pinned down, then automobiles having the problem are called in for a repair or replacement. This is generally free of cost.


 How does the company know which units have to be Recalled?

During the investigation the problem is generally pin pointed at the certain batch of raw material. The company uses its data to find out which units were fitted with the faulty material. Hence only those units which are defective are recalled.


Does a Recall mean that the product failed?

No a Recall always presents a positive case in support of the said company as it is willing to accept a defect in its unit and is ready to repair it for free.

It’s not as if the company is accepting a crime but a positive gesture by the company to maintain its customer relations and is also a showcase of good service to the future customers.

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