All we know about 22 Motors Flow


22 Motors is a newly established EV manufacturing company founded by two optimistic Indians: Parveen Kharb and Vijay Chandrawat.

Flow Overview 

Flow is the first scooter designed by the newly established company, 22 Motors. With amazingly aspiring technology and intriguing design, the scooter is much awaited to launch.

Flow is the all-electric scooter which will be a tough contender for Ather Energy’s Ather 340 and 450. The top speed posted by the company on its website is 60km/h. The max torque is 90 Nm @ 1000rmp.

The scooter has a range up to 160 km and is equipped with fast charging technology which can charge the scooter 70% in the time span of just one hour.

Braking and suspension 

It will have CBS (combined braking system) integrated with disc brakes at both front and rear. For better safety and efficiency the tires are tubeless which are designed in three parts. The vehicle is IP65 rated and also EBs are protected up to 230 mm of water.

The front will get telescopic suspension while the rear is a Dual hydraulic suspension. The frame is fully robotic welded with automatic cathodic electrophoresis painting.


The powertrain has DC motors developed by Bosch. An innovative technology called as regenerative braking system will recharge batteries every time brakes are applied, every 60% of braking distance will recharge 6% of battery. The max power produced by the scooter will be 2100 watt and has a loading capacity of 150 kg. For the power storage,  Li-ion battery which can fully charge the battery in 4-5 hrs.


  • LED lights and projector headlamps
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Reverse cruise and drag mode
  • Space for 2 helmets
  • Mobile app with artificial intelligence
  • Anti-theft
  • Mobile charging theft
  • Battery free for life. It means every time the battery gets replaced free of cost when found an issue.