Avan Motors re-branded itself as Nexzu Mobility

Avan Motors, the electric scooter manufacturer, re-branded itself as Nexzu Mobility from this month in line with future strategy.

The company said that it will update its existing product portfolio by producing two new e-scooters and three e-cycles, along with its logo and overall market proposition, on Wednesday.

Nexzu Mobility said that the idea behind this particular transformation is the upcoming expansion of its ambit from an electric two-wheeler brand to a holistic solution-provider in the electric mobility segment.

Nexzu Mobility Brand Head Rohit Goidani, commented on the transition, saying that the company will continue to create innovative new products in both B2B and B2C space.

The company also added that it is also strengthening its product portfolio and will be launching two new e-scooters – Dextro and Dextro Plus – along with 3 e-cycles, all as a part of the brand revision.

Not only this, but also under a dedicated B2B programme, Nexzu Mobility will be offering customized electric mobility solutions for ride-sharing/rental companies, corporates, catering to corporate leasing, corporate purchase, employee preferential programmes, and government/private tenders for EVs, it added.

Avan Motors established in 2015 and is headquartered in Pune, with over 60 dealers in India.