Porsche Sports EV: mission E

Mission E featured image

Tesla’s electric sports car ‘Roadster’ gets a tough competition in the EV segment. This competition   comes from veteran sports car manufacturer Porsche: The mission E

Porsche pronounced its own all-electric sports car as ‘911 of e-cars’ which would be generally called as Mission E. The powertrain of Mission E is complete of EV type. This sports car is an all wheel drive producing a combined power of 600hp (440kW). The car can go 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds which is not comparable to record 2.4 seconds of Roadster. Also, it can reach to 124 mph in 12 seconds.

The car will be powered by two PSMs (permanent magnet synchronous motors), one at the front axle and another driving the rear axle. The main concern for EVs is the range and charging time, which is not a concern for Porsche engineers. AS Mission E has doubled the standard charging voltage to 800 V which will result in less time to charge and also reduce the weight. The lithium-ion battery enables the car to drive more than 300 miles per charge. After that, it only requires 15 minutes to recharge it for another 250 miles range Tesla’s all-electric sports car ‘ Roadster’  gets a tough competition in EV segment. This competition

German freeways are already getting equipped with 800-volt charging stations but a Mission E can also be charged at a conventional 400-volt charging station.

Mission E drivetrain
Image Courtesy: Porsche

As Porsche cars are well known for its driving pleasure with thrilling corner turns, this one is also designed to achieve this thrill. Like 911, 918 Spyder or 919 hybrid, Mission E also has a low centre of gravity and superb weight distribution. Also, it is integrated with Porsche torque vectoring system for perfect body dynamics.

At the front 21-inch wheel and at the back 22- inch wheel gives a solid grip on the road. The suspension system used in 911 and which is currently active combines sportiness with comfort.

Mission E side view
Image Courtesy: Porsche

The design of Mission E resembles Porsche’s own 911 with additionally integrated aerodynamics. It has a 51.1 inch low slung roofline. Distinct air inlets and outlets on the front, sides and rear make the design of Mission E more intriguing. Also, it gets matrix LED imbibed with classic four-point design hover within the air inlets, surrounded by a flat sensor for driver assistance and a border that serves as a turn signal

Porsche design
Image Courtesy: Porsche

The iconic heritage of Porsche is revived while designing Mission E. The arrow like front which is a famous design element of 918 Spyder along with the lines of famous sports car is casted in the Mission E