ProRido: Details, in the words of Mr. Ashish Bansal



ProRido was a name that kept popping up in front of us and on a fine day, we had a lengthy call with Mr. Ashish Bansal to talk about his brain-child.

So whats special with another transport organisation in buzzing cities? What is it with providing day to day transport to IT professionals to providing Rolls-Royce Ghosts and Mercedes Maybachs to Mustang GTs for travel of the elites? Here are all the details Mr. Ashish Bansal, Director, ProRido gave us about a unique and Hassle-Free Travel Solutions start-up.

ProRido: Your go-to transport provider, The ‘what’ and the ‘why’

There was a time, specifically in India, in the early 1900’s where a three-wheeled cycle rickshaw was the most widely used public transport. Cut to today, when the options are limitless and the Public transport system has seen a two-fold development:  One that focuses on a customer’s preferences to one that uses technology for the speed or to one that just acts as a platform to build various processes together to provide a service.  No matter what aspect of development one ought to look at, the only output is that of betterment and advancement.

People used to take one or more connecting buses or ride bicycles to work which then slowly became more motorized enticing people on time saving opportunities.  And now, when corporate world is more competitive than ever in ensuring the employees get to work on time using reliable means of transportation, you have car-pooling – both company provided or personally contributed.

Get hold of any of the core members of ProRido and you will find that the passion and the conviction for the service and the customer is easy identifiable.  With a good amount of research that has gone into providing these services, ProRido was launched in 2017, bringing you the most efficient car rental experience.  Their unwavering customer focus is commendable and their consistency in ensuring customer safety and experience, top notch.

The company has gained an impressive momentum when launched, thanks to its bundled services and the ability to customize.  Customization ALWAYS works. It tells the customers that their preferences do matter and are being taken into consideration.

What’s unique about ProRido?



  • Their technology is precise and covers the entire gamut of transport management
  • Involves all the key stakeholders: riders/chauffeurs/facility-transport managers/ProRido experts
  • Real time tracking facilities, including invoice-payment cycle in a small turn-around-time frame
  • The fleet management is immaculate with high end services – water, customer service, guaranteed on road experience
  • Seamless transition from the time you fly from your source location to the time you reach your destination. Leave the logistics to the experts
  • The technology they use incorporates safety and security measures for all stakeholders. The chauffeurs have access to masked numbers so the customers are not bothered by ‘trace back’ after the transaction is complete. Another fantastic feature is their Remote Immobilizer, which allows you to halt the ride in case of a suspicion.  ProRido also claims to have periodical monitors at the back-end for each ride, which is their way of taking responsibility of the rider(s).
  • Their support team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week round the year
  • The team gives tremendous consideration to custom requests – catering to barriers such as language or location


The Game Plan


Where there are technological advances, there are bound to be challenges. And where there are challenges, there will be opportunities.  Identifying opportunities is only half game won.  One can win only as true game changer.  Like the ProRido believes in the mantra “The game is not over until you win”.  ProRido is a true game changer when it comes to ground transport business.  A business that the core team takes pride in for having built and operated with services truly next level.

A one stop shop has been an ideal business model in several areas, then why not select one with a well-equipped transport system?

What’s great about the service offerings with ProRido is that they have a Pan India presence.  Across over 30- cities and over a fleet of 3200 vehicles, of which around 800 in Bangalore alone, ProRido gives you everything – Airport transfers, Corporate taxis, Outstation services, Travel Desk set up, Hotel services, Events and what more is you can either use their Chauffeurs or go with a self-driving option.

In a nut shell, just about everything related to a ground transport requirement is possible if you know what your requirements are.  My suggestion?  Outsource it to them completely and ride worry free with convenience and luxury in your mind.  More importantly, get a ride suiting your budget.  Service levels are not compromised no matter what ride you select. That’s a guarantee.

Imagine a technology that not just takes your requests of a rental but also provides an experience by allowing a full-fledged tool that gives you real time updates, has Geo fencing enabling the users to get alerts should there be an unauthorized deviation, gives you a panic button and allows for instant billing.  Now, all of this, pocketed into trained chauffeurs who not only speak efficiently but also can speak a common language, who are hired only after an extensive background profiling make it more worthwhile.

Apart from being a service and a strong mission oriented company, ProRido boasts of being deeply connected with the community and contributes to the overall environment by doing their bit.  One of their business features is that they are paperless and reduce a significant amount of overheads, not just for themselves but for the partners/clients/vendors.

The end-to-end application they use is almost like an enterprise management, the most beneficial to corporates who provide pick up and drop services to their personnel. Everything from the daily rosters to invoicing to billing is digital. As a result, the process more streamlined, and also maintains high efficiency levels, helps mitigate risks due to transparency and allows a convenient way of business. At the end of it all it is cost effective for the value for money you get as a customer.




  • Managed, paid Proof of Concepts for several multinational organizations and work with several industries, inter alia, Aviation, Consulting, IT Enabled Services
  • The app is compatible with Android, IOS and is also web based
  • Their attention to detail and customer-centric focus has gained them over 70% of repeat customers
  • Guaranteed cost comparatives… up to 20% from Indian contemporaries and up to 50% from the International contemporaries

Long story short– this rental and technology service is something that needs to be tried to believe the conviction behind the curtains and the experience of the ride.  

Visit ProRido to get all the travel solutions you need from the experts of the game.

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