Thought of driving an ambulance in lockdown says Pune rally driver Sanjay Takale

The motorsports fraternity from all over the country has been waiting to hit the tarmac, as the country is opening up post the lockdown.

Organizers are working on updated rules and go ahead from the government while drivers are looking forward to burning some rubber when events start.    

Motoarc caught up with Pune Rally driver Sanjay Takale who spoke about life in lockdown and his plans for the coming year.

“The lockdown has affected me when it comes to racing. But it is the same for everyone in the world.  I am practicing on my Sony play station. And I keep watching youtube videos and learn pace notes. I am now looking forward to drive as soon as possible. I even thought of driving an ambulance in lockdown, but could not do it, due to family members’ reservations,” Takale informed.

When quizzed about his plans for the upcoming season, Takale said “I had already signed with Team Crocodile of Thailand for the 2020 season. So I am looking forward to drive for them. But it looks difficult at the moment. I was also supposed to do WRC Finland with Baltic Motorsports and also Rally of Estonia and Latvia. But at the moment, everything depends on the coronavirus issue.”

“At the moment, I am indulging in yoga, swimming also a bit of weight training.  I am at home and trying to learn a lot of things from the internet on car rallying.  This is the best I could do at the moment,” Takale informed.

“I always take things positively. So in the lockdown, I am doing things, which I have missed like swimming in my own tank, for which I have not had time for the last six years. I am cooking, playing music, spending time with family and pets. I am watching many series on Netflix which I have missed earlier. So I think, there is always a positive thing in a negative thing. It’s just that you have to look for it,” Takale added.

“I did have many targets for the year 2020. But it looks like, I have to shift it to next year. Doing the Dakar Rally is on my mind. Let’s see what happens,” Takale concluded.

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