Types Of Bikes

Types of bikes

The decision to buy a bike should be accompanied by basic knowledge of types of bikes and their utilities.  If a  biker or commuter has a clear idea about the bike he needs , it helps him to eliminate the unnecessary options. A biker should focus on his needs and preferences while purchasing a bike. A commuter on a other hand should focus on his comfort(pillion as well), fuel economy, maneuvering suitability of the bike in his part of the city and other factors.

Lets see how are the bikes classified in broad classes-

Naked bikes-




Naked bikes/ Standard bikes/ Roadsters are general purpose bikes. They have a upright position. The riders comfort is one of the key factors. They have footpegs right below the rider and handle is such that the rider doesn’t have bend forward. They are called Naked only because the fairings or windscreens is absent in these bikes.

Scooters –



These are most suitable for city commuting. They have smaller engines and lesser power. Bigger capacity engines and powerful scooters are making their way to the market in the recent times.

There is a difference between mopeds and scooters. The mopeds are also equipped with pedal power to drive the chain. The mopeds are eco-friendly vehicles but the segment has been ignored for quite sometime now.




The easiest way to describe them would be Harley-davidson , though Harleys are not the only one in this category. They generally have a V-Twin engine. They have a good low-end torque and raised handlebar. They saddle height is very low and footpegs are forward. These bikes are generally not suited for beginners.

Sports bikes-


‘ Fast and powerful engines’ define this segment. These have a aggressive seating posture, they have a sharp handling and style as well. They have a aerodynamic design. In the recent times the lots of options have come up in this segment.

Adventure Sport Bikes-


These are used suitable for use on and off road. They are generally tall bikes. The tall profile ensures good visibility both to the rider and the oncoming traffic. The power and torque depends upon the company and make of the bike. Himalayan is the only bike available in this segment now. The other bikes like BMW and others are somewhat expensive in comparison to himlayan. The BMW 310 and KTM adventure bike too are expected soon.


Motus MST

These are high capacity bikes. They are well equipped , they are fully faired and have big windshields. They have high storage capacity, bigger fuel tanks and comfortable pillion seats.

Sports Tourer-

BMW GT 1200

These have the best of both the segment. They offer comfortable seating and handling posture. These are suitable for bikers would love touring but don’t want to miss out the advantages of a sports bike completely .

Our article will help to narrow down to fewer options. Whichever bike you purchase wearing right type of riding gear and helmet is essential. We wish you happy and safe riding.


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