Why you should buy AWD vehicle and why you should not.

Due to increase in technology and development in the automobile industry, AWD cars are nowadays reliable and are fun to drive.

Every configuration has its unique advantage over another. FWD cars are relatively cheaper for manufacturing due to lack of driveshaft and are also easy to handle at low speed in urban areas. But it requires an experienced driver to manoeuvre it with high speed as it tends to lose control easily. Considering RWD they are much more fun to drive at high speeds because of its higher accelerating property. And this is one of the reasons why most sports car adopts RWD configuration. But this fun comes with a price that is suspension setup, advance locking differential. So what is the unique AWD configuration?

The drivetrain of AWD vehicle.

Essential mechanical components required for AWD drivetrain are:-
• Rear differential
• Front differential
• Centre differential
• Driveshaft
• Vehicle speed sensor on each wheel
• Steering angle sensor
• Brake pressure sensor

In what cases AWD cars are advantageous

AWD cars have three differentials, one at the back, in the centre and at the front. Most AWD cars deliver the majority of power to either front axle or rear axle, the remaining power is utilized for traction control. The centre differential splits the power for rear and front differential according to driving scenarios. And then the respective differential delivers the power to wheels.

Why should you buy AWD cars?

Off road driving

All-wheel drive cars are more effective for an off-road driving situation. Mostly travel cars in hilly regions or for jungle safari are AWD cars. As AWD cars deliver power to all four wheels individually, it is the most compatible car for uneven terrains. Also, roads of snowy areas demand AWD configuration to improve traction control. So, if you are living in northern states of India where snowfall is often experienced, you should prefer buying cars with AWD configuration. Or if you are one of that traveller who chooses adventurous tracks such as Rohtang pass, Munnar highway, Ladakh route or any other bumpy terrain roads then you should go for cars of this type. Also if your work commute includes rural road or you are living in a rural area, then you should opt for AWD.
Some preferable budget AWD cars in India are Mahindra Thar, Mahindra Bolero, Renault Duster, Mahindra Scorpio, Isuzu V-cross and Tata Safari Storme.

As an Indian national, one should also keep in mind the conditions of roads connecting our day-to-day commute.  AWD cars a bit more compatible for the roads with the number of potholes and poor conditions.

Not only, these cars have advantages of off-road driving, but also more powerful pickup is experienced in these cars. The best of examples for AWD cars which are compatible for both off-road driving and driving with thrill on a smooth urban road is Renault Duster. AWD cars are accelerated a bit faster than Rwd or FWD.

Also, most cars driven in Rally racing are integrated with AWD configuration.

Why should you not prefer AWD cars?

Well if you want a car for the daily commute in urban areas you should not waste unnecessary money to buy AWD cars as its complex manufacturing will cost you more than the car with similar specifications. For daily commuters fuel efficiency of a car is an important factor which you cannot get enough in an AWD car. Generally,  cars with AWD configuration even have a high maintenance cost. So, to sum it, the cost is a huge disadvantage of all-wheel drive. Apart from this, AWD cars are not great for drivers who love drifting, for them, RWD cars are the best choice