Car insurance Coverage : Some information

Car Insurance

Nowadays Indian government has made mandatory to have car insurance no matter how good you are on the wheels. So, what is the type of insurance which is compulsory and what are the other categories of insurance coverage for your car? 

Liability coverage 

This coverage is mandatory in most states of India. Also, this type if further bifurcated in two different component. It is also recognised as third party insurance

  • Bodily injury liability

This insurance pay the cost of other person’s bodily injuries if the accident is caused by you to him

  • Property damage liability

It pays the cost of repairs of the damage you have caused to someone else while driving

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

It is a little unconventional type of coverage where your medical and sometimes even repair bills are paid by the person who is not insured and you have the uninsured coverage.

While underinsured coverage pays for bills of injuries or damages caused by a driver whose insurance has liability limits to cover all of the injuries.

This coverage is optional in some states while mandatory in other.

Comprehensive coverage

This insurance will give you coverage of your vehicle from unintentional hazards like theft, fire, natural disaster etc. In this coverage, you have to first spend the money from your wallet and then later claim in from your insurer. It is an optional insurance

Collision coverage 

If you are not a good driver or you have made a mistake while driving which tends the car to collide into either someone else’s car or into a fence or a wall then this coverage will come to your rescue. It will cover your car damage repairs or even replaces your car in some cases (according to the car’s market value). It is also an optional insurance cover in almost every state.

Medical payments coverage

The car with this insurance provides a leverage of all medical bills in case of an accident by any driver driving this particular car. It is required in some state and optional in other.

Personal injury protection 

This is an advancement of medical payment coverage. This insurance not only provides you the medical cost of your injury caused due to the accident but also pays you other expenses that are born from this accidents. Expenses like child care expenses if you die, lost income expense in case you have lost any of your physical body parts and due to which your current income is threatened. It is available only in a few states.