Some basic traffic offence in India for car drivers

traffic offenses

traffic offenses

Living in India how much do we know the basic traffic offenses for car drivers? Let’s find out some basic traffic offenses listed below 

Document related

  1. Driving without a valid license
  2. Allowing vehicle to be driven by a person without a valid license
  3. Not carrying documents as per requirement
  4. Driving without valid insurance
  5. Vehicle without RC
  6. Driving without valid fitness

Related to driving 

  1. Driving by minor
  2. Seat belts not fastened
  3. Rough or rash driving
  4. Dangerous or hasty driving
  5. Not driving in proper lane
  6. Driving in the center and not to the left side
  7. Driving against one way
  8. Reversing without due care attention
  9. Taking ‘U’ turn during outlawed hours
  10. Failing to decelerate at intersection
  11. Carrying person causing hindrance to the driver
  12. Tripling
  13. Driving on footpaths
  14. Stopping at pedestrian crossing or crossing a stop line

Road marking related 

  1. Violation of yellow line
  2. Violation of stop line
  3. Violations related to mandatory signs
  4. Stopping vehicle on zebra crossing

Number plate related

  1. Use of offensive number plate for vehicle use in driving
  2. Displaying ‘Applied for’

Vehicle light related 

  1. Improper use of Headlight/Taillight for vehicles used in driving
  2. Using high beam where not required

Horn related

  1. Driving without horn
  2. Improper horn usage while driving

Traffic signal related 

  1. Disobeying traffic signal
  2. Failure to give signal
  3. Jumping signal

Speed related 

  1. Exceeding prescribed speed limit
  2. Abatement for over speeding
  3. Overtaking perilously
  4. Overtaking from wrong side


  1. Disobeying lawful direction
  2. Driving under influence of alcohol/drugs
  3. Using mobile phone while driving
  4. Leaving vehicle in unoccupied engine
  5. Leaving vehicle in unsafe position
  6. Playing music while driving
  7. Driving without silencer
  8. Driving when mentally or physically unfit