Is solar vehicles the next big thing after electric vehicles? If not then why and how it could be?

Solar Vehicles

Is solar vehicles the next big thing after electric vehicles? If not then why and how it could be? The automotive media is packed with buzzing EV news . Millenials chanting EV to be the future of the automotive industry and it is admittable but only for a couple of decades. What comes next is the time of solar-powered cars.

Yet solar powered cars are on the primitive stage of its existence. In spite of technological revolution and breakthrough, there are many barriers for solar powered vehicles

Solar vehicles today 

The Stell Vie, is currently the considered the best solar car built form efficient to performance to convenience aspects. Featured in the world solar challenge the car had completed the journey of 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia. Another achievement of this category is a four seater family car introduced in 2013 which has external energy input of 64 kWh had traveled 3000 km on road.

At this particular fragment of time, solar energy is imbibed as a plug-in hybrid option like the new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. Although solar roof in this car can only add up an extra 5 km to your journey on a full charge. But the only initiative opens the doors of a breakthrough.

Barriers of solar-powered automobile 

One of the biggest obstacle coming in the way of solar automobiles is its inability to produce adequate power. Its just the beginning, another one is the range and charging time. Developers, stating that a charge of 8 hours can drive the car for just 15-20 miles and that too for a one person rider.

Another important aspect of solar vehicles is its feasibility and flexibility towards design. It is exquisitely tough to design a car that is compatible to fit huge solar panels or cells. Many developers have succeeded in designing a solar car but it demolishes the essence of car looks and originality.